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It's time to get back on track!

The summer is over, the kids are back to school and your back into a routine at work. Now it’s time to get back on track with your exercise and healthy eating! Remember, the key to success is being organized and having a plan! Here are some helpful tips to get your started:

1. Find healthy recipes to follow for the week. Make your grocery shopping list and purchase the food items on Saturday or Sunday, ready to go for the week! Make a weekly plan of what will be the meal of choice for each day of the week or cook all your meals on Sunday so they are ready to be warmed up when you get home from work!

2. Book your workouts into your schedule. Are you a morning or afternoon person? Set yourself up for success and mark it into your calendars! This is a very important appointment in your day that needs to be worked around. Make it a weekly routine so it becomes a habit!

3. Have a water bottle with you at all times. Drinking 8 glasses a day is very important and helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep it at your desk within arms reach, this will help you stay alert and be less sluggish at work!

4. Find yourself a workout buddy. Having someone to keep you accountable will help you stay on track! You never want to let your workout partner down last minute so be organized and ready to go. Find a class, walk outside or join a group……….choosing activities that you love will help you stay committed and add to your happiness!

5. Ask me for help or suggestions! I’m always here to give you guidance and support! I want all of you to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest!


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