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Weekend Wellness Retreat

The Weekend Wellness Retreat for wellbeing is created for young women seeking to renew their mind, body and spirit, to renew their health and nurture their wellbeing. With our holistic approach to developing our retreat, the setting and location of our retreat is where one can rest, learn to manage stress, practice mindfulness, eat healthy, attend daily yoga, exercise and meditation classes and connect with nature. The young women will gain a new perspective on how to live a healthy life with a sense of inner peace and calm. They will leave the retreat with take home tools that will further enhance their life and help them maintain a happier and healthier way of living!

Heal your Mind, Body and Soul

Mindful Trail Walks/Hikes 
Cost: $550.00+hst /per person
Group of 6

" Thank you so much for planning this retreat. It was one of the best weekends ever! I had so much fun and I'm feeling so calm and at peace"   

- Soheila, grade 12 Appleby College Student

"Amie, thank you so much for this amazing weekend that I didn't realize I really needed! Thank you for making me stay in the present moment and making me forget about all  my worries and stresses!"  

- Jennifer, grade 12 Appleby College Student

" I am so thankful for this retreat and the girls here. Over the past few months, i have been so stressed and in so much pain that I forgot what it felt like to know that everything will be ok and what it feels like to be pain-free. Thank you for reminding me that me without pain is still me. As well as even with and through the pain, I can still embrace love and healing"  

- Thea, grade 9 Appleby College Student

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