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Monica S.

What I have learned about weight loss in my 50s.

I am a 54 year old woman who, prior to her mid forties, enjoyed a rather easy time of maintaining her weight at around 124-126 pounds. I have a petite frame, am 5’5”, have good eating habits, enjoy wine and, generally, have kept up with regular exercise.

Something happened in my mid 40’s. Between my mood changes, (anger, sadness and sleeplessness) and my increased feelings of lethargy, I started to experience weight creep. In my early fifties, my mood started to return to normal, however, hot flashes and sleep disruption continued to plague me. Two years ago I had a 6 week vacation and upon my return I discovered I weighed a padded 140 lbs (weight gain plus loss of tone). I should mention that during my holidays, I ate lots of different foods (big breakfast, lunch and dinner) and drank wine (even at lunch) while not getting regular exercise. It was not unreasonable that my body responded as it did but I was a little freaked out, not to mention snug in my clothes.

The first 5 pounds were a breeze to take off, no wine at lunch, lots of salads and limited restaurant meals. I also started to exercise with more vigour. Weight training once a week with Amie, once on my own (with a plan developed by Amie), Pilates once a week with Joanna (the best for core) and three additional days doing aerobics of some sort (cross trainer at home, cycling or walking). I also decided not to drive to work and started taking public transit, which included a walk to the subway station and home again.

Things were improving but last summer I still weighed a 134 Ibs. and looked a little thicker in the waist than in my previous incarnation. I have always been a healthy eater but I had not really considered volume in my eating habits or consistent morning food rituals. Amie likes to chat about food and also talked about limiting amounts in regards to snacks and eating breakfast regularly….I decided I better pay attention. I now have yogurt, fruit and bran every morning (except for a poached egg on the weekend). Lunch is always a salad with protein (and dressing, oil based) at dinner, a smaller portion of protein, red meat only once a week and lots of vegetables. I always eat whole grains (barley, quinoa), where possible, or new potatoes/sweet potatoes, for a starch. I still have wine most nights and a martini on Friday. My snacks are popcorn, almonds (no more than 5-10 a day) and baked potato chips. I would also add that I am not a bread person but if I do eat bread, it is whole grain.

I eat out only once a week. I find that restaurants add way to much salt and oil.

I do have weekend meals that are more calorific and even dessert but I keep it down to one day of cheating as it is just too much work to lose the extra weight. I also have found that limiting TV is a huge way to manage weight. Most of my viewing is while exercising as home. Also, I take stairs mostly (except at the club for some reason). Moving is important, particularly as most of us have sedentary jobs. I am back down to 126 lbs and my core looks good! I am on holidays next month for over 2 weeks and will try to remember the struggle I had the last time I gained weight on hollies to keep me in control! Sorry to miss the event!

Carol E.

At the end of the summer of 2006, after a couple of weeks of indulgent eating and drinking, I was diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition which motivated me to take immediate action. After consulting with a dietician, I began a weight-loss program that involved improvements in my eating habits, an increase in my cardiovascular exercise and something I’ve never contemplated – a weight training program with a personal trainer. Because I have very low vision- Amie agreed to train me in my own home. At the time, my weight was over 180lbs and my body fat content was 40%. I met with Amie once/week in the beginning and now I see her twice/week. After 10 months on this weight-loss program, my weight is now 150lbs. My final goal, which I am giving myself another year to accomplish, is to lose another 12 lbs. My body fat content is 30% and I feel great!

From having to continually use my white cane, I used to experience pain in my left arm and that pain is completely gone. I also used to experience back aches every time I did my laundry or standing for too long in the kitchen. That pain is now completely gone.

I also love the look and feel of my new body. For the first time in my life, at the age of 67, I feel like a really strong woman physically. I am very proud of the fact that I can lift 15 lbs weights. Other people, even younger men, seem to find me attractive! I am grateful to Amie and her kindness, patience, humour and emotional support and encouragement. I am truly a new woman!

Chris F.


At 46 had gained too much weight after abdominal cancer treatment recovery and had to lose over 50 lbs., and with my morale so low, I was unsure things would ever change. I was referred to Loga Performance from a friend, and am I glad to have received the referral. I started in February with a simple-easy to follow routine. I was told that the routine would be changing every 2 months with more advances exercises but to know that I was monitored constantly to ensure that the exercises were not only perfect for me, but that they would provide me the benefits needed.

I liked my assigned trainer immediately, as she listened to me and asked all the right questions. I am now almost finished my 3 routines x 2 months of circuit training and I have lost weight, become so much stronger and my energy levels have returned! I never expected to see so much in return for 3 sessions per week.

Thanks Loga Performance!

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