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Personal Training




Personal training sessions will involve exercises that are based on your goals and your capabilities with proper techniques, safety

cues and guidance provided every time.

Your first session involves a fitness assessment.



This assessment allows me to create an individualized program based on your history, goals, individual needs, lifestyle and results from your fitness assessment.

Clients decide on the frequency of training and what type of training they would like to focus on within a studio, at home or outdoors.



Your periodization program will lead you to successfully achieving your goals and results!

With LOGA PERFORMANCE, client sessions are highly individualized for optimum results. 

Is Personal Training Right for You?



Are you exercising and not getting the results you want? You are not alone! The individuals who are getting the results they want are the ones working with a personal trainer! Personal training gets the results you want – so look no further! 

Are you intimidated of the gym and/or the equipment? Your trainer can teach you how to perform exercises correctly and safely. They will provide you with guidance, motivation and education to ensure you start off in the right direction!

Do you experience difficulty sticking with an exercise regime? You are not alone! Eighty percent of people stop working out after 2 to 3 months of starting in the gym!

Hiring a personal trainer will help you stick to a program and stay committed to your health and fitness goals.

Do you have any injuries that are preventing you from exercising? A personal trainer will work along side of your health care professional and provide you with a safe rehabilitation program to help you lead you to recover.

Do you need that extra competition or support from a friend….then duo training is for you. A personal trainer will guide you and a friend thru a workout based on each other’s individual goals. Duo training can be fun but also motivating…knowing you can’t let your friend down!

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