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A Virtual Space for Young Women to Share Interests and Support

A Place Dedicated to the Empowerment of Teenage Girls

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

IMAGINE a space where you can connect with like minded friends around the world with complete authenticity. No more trying to be something you're not.

A Place Where You Can

BeU! Be Proud! Be Happy

girl, I've got your back

and want to invite you to my community where all young women are welcome

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IMAGINE feeling certain your daughter is being connected with the kind of friends that'll support her no matter what. The kind of girls that lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Happy Friends

It's MORE IMPORTANT NOW than ever before 

TO EMPOWER YOURSELF when you're young

To build skills and connections needed to face what's coming at you. Life is a challenge, and you are growing up in a world that's completely different from your parents. Even friendships are different.


👉 You may feel parents don't understand you or what you're going through. You've also been feeling lost, uncertain, moody, unsure who to talk to, and having a hard time expressing who you are on the inside... afraid of being rejected. You feel like friends at school don't even know the real you.



👉 Your world is full of competition, rivalry, demands... pressure. It's tough trying to be everything everyone wants, still be yourself, and find a place where you belong.


I UNDERSTAND YOU. I work with young women like you all the time. I see your struggles, anxiety and pain.


I SEE YOU and want you to know how much YOU MATTER in a world so big, so loud, and so overwhelming. That's why I created this community for young women like you to stand together.



(Parents, have you noticed any of these changes in your daughter?)

👎 Low Self Esteem, Lack of Confidence, Self Doubt

👎 Constantly Overthinking (thoughts are getting the best of you)

👎 Anxious Around People All the Time (even close friends and sometimes family)

👎 Unhappy and Disconnected (spiritless)

👎 Stressed and Emotionally Out of Control

👎 Can't Seem to Find Direction or Purpose

👎 Emotionally Overwhelmed (moody and angry a lot too)

👎 Pressured to 'Fit In' (look, act, & feel a certain way because it's normal  or expected)  



🡆 You're having a hard time understanding yourself, who you truly are on the inside and who you want to be because there's so much pressure to be something you're not.

🡆 It's even harder to feel like you belong, so you try extra hard to be someone you think others will like, but you still don't feel comfortable.

I understand where you're at because

I've been there too

And that's why I created this virtual community to support you, and other young women like you, through this emotionally overwhelming time - to help you claim the confidence, resiliency, certainty, connections and power you need to thrive now, and in your future.

By registering for this community, you'll get immediate access to a group of like minded young women who, like you, are looking for authentic connection, friendships, compassion, support, and understanding.


Join Today

The BeU Community

A Virtual Space for Young Women to Share Interests and Support

A Place Dedicated to the Empowerment of Teenage Girls


  👍 Feel Part of a Safe and Trusting Group

  ✨ Share Your Thoughts, Opinions, Experiences and Feelings

👍 Gain Insights, Knowledge and Tools to Overcome Obstacles

✨ Know That YOU ARE NOT ALONE in Your Struggles

👍Develop Lasting Friendships with Others Who Won't Judge You

✨ Look Forward to Live Chats with New Friends

👍 Learn How Others Practice Self Care and Radical Self Acceptance

✨ Know That There Are People Out There Who Get You

👍 Talk Openly and Honestly While Getting Positive Feedback



I'm Amie Loga

Nice to Meet You!

I Empower Young Women, Like You, to
BeU! Be Proud! Be Happy

I'm a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Retreat hostess for young women, but my title means less than my destined path, which led me to my calling, helping teen girls become their best selves.

When I was your age (come on now, don't roll your eyes) I felt I didn’t have anyone to talk to when I was struggling. It was hard for me to open up to my mom because of our conflicted relationship. And although I grew up playing tons of sports, my coaches were men and I didn’t feel comfortable talking to them either. I always wished for a strong female presence to mentor me through life, but she never appeared. It took years to realize I was my own best support system.


I don't want you to feel alone like I did.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be a role model, mentor and big sister to so many young women like you.



My passion is to help young women live healthier and happier lives - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Being a young woman, whether in middle school or high school, is tough. You're dealing with common issues and going through similar challenges that I went through. Challenges like:

  • Issues of low self esteem,

  • Struggling to be confident,

  • Uncertainty around my identity,

  • Feeling unhappy,

  • Unbelievable peer pressure,

  • Girl drama,

  • Bullies,

  • Loneliness,

  • Stress,

  • Anxiety


...and the list goes on.


I can relate to you because I was you. My role as your life coach is to help you not only survive, but thrive, and use these challenges to do it.

In my BeU Community, I facilitate conversations that help guide you through the tough stuff you're going through.

Here's a Sneak Peek inside the community



How to BeU: Discussions Around Authenticity

Love ALL of You: Self Love is the Basis to ALL Love

What's Holding You Back: Negative Thinking Trap

Avoiding Emotional Burnout

Stress: How to Deal

Self Care for Teens: How to Do It the Healthy Way

Learning How to Be Mindful + Meditation

Radical Self Acceptance

What Happiness Means

Identifying Self Limiting Beliefs

Creating the Self You Want to Be

...and so much more added every week!

Access is Immediate


A Note

to Concerned Parents

Dear Parents,




My name is Amie Loga. I am a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Retreat hostess for young women. My destined path of life has led me to my calling and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a role model, mentor and big sister to so many young women. I am extremely passionate in helping young women live healthier and happier lives - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Over the years, I’ve had many parents contact me concerned about their daughter’s mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.


As we know, it’s not easy being a teenage girl.

It’s very common for young women to experience issues related to self esteem, self confidence, self identity, happiness, peer pressure, girl drama, bullies, loneliness, stress, anxiety and the list goes on.


I find it’s even more challenging being a young woman in today’s world due to electronics and social media.

The technology addiction is causing us to lose our way and has created so many people in becoming isolated. Since social media has been developed, there has been a major increase in depression, anxiety, non-fatal self harm and suicide rates in girls ranging from 10-19 yrs old.


It’s my role to educate the younger generation and create an awareness of the link between mental health issues and social media use.


From experience, I have seen the negative effects of social media on my friends and clients. Personally, I know what it takes to stay at peace, confident and feeling good about myself in this toxic world. I lead by example and practice what I preach to my clients. The life skills and tools that I have gained over the years have changed my life. I learned these skills in my late 30’s and only wished I had learned them when I was their age.


I am also aware that many of you are teaching them exactly what they need to hear to help them along their journey, but they are not listening or following through on your advice. Many of the parents I have dealt with are frustrated because their daughters are not taking their advice. This is where I come in!


Unfortunately, they don’t want to listen to you and please don’t take that personal. You were in their shoes once upon a time :-) They need to hear it from an outside source, someone they trust and have a good connection with. I am proud to share with you that I have a gift - every young women I meet we share a special connection instantly. In my introductory session, I relate to them, I empathize with their issues and struggles and explain to them how I can help them create the life they want and deserve to live. I end the session sharing with them that “You are the only person who is in control of your future and if you are ready to make that happen - I am here to help you along your journey!”.

It’s extremely important for young women to learn how to be strong, resilient and confident in their early years to set them up for success in their later years!


It’s my duty, as a Life Coach, to educate and empower young women to take control over their lives to start living the life they want and deserve! I help them understand the significance of pushing through their resistance, being open and taking the first step in making a positive change in their life! I know you’ll be so grateful that you found me and hire me to work with your daughter, just like all the other parents and clients that I’ve helped changed their lives for the better!


The great news about your daughter doing her “inner work” to bettering herself, the relationships in her life also reap the benefits. It’s win win for everyone involved!


Please find a place in your heart to invest in your daughters health and wellbeing.


I promise you that you will be grateful that you did!


Whether it’s through my online courses, having her join this BeU Community, attending a wellness retreat and/or signing up for private life coaching sessions - I am here to guide, inspire and empower your daughter! Let’s make it happen together! :-) Thank you for your interest in my services and reading this letter.


Have a great day,




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