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Life Coaching 

Life Coaching Programs

for Young Women

The BeU program was developed to increase the sense of well being in young women and to provide highly beneficial life skills that will help navigate them more effectively through times in their lives that are stressful or uncertain.

There is an emphasis on developing a greater sense of awareness and self compassion, the ability to make wiser choices and how to respond more appropriately in difficult situations.



There are many pressures on today’s girls and this program also focuses on the pressure to fit in, to be perfect and to be successful.



My role as a life coach and personal trainer, is to teach young women how to adopt healthy habits at a young age so they can live their lives in good health, mentally and physically.



The BeU program covers topics on mindfulness, self love, self esteem, self confidence, the negative self talk, emotional regulation, healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction. Success at creating a healthy mind and body in the early years of life will only create success in the later years.



It’s my time to empower young women to BELIEVE in themselves and help them live a healthy and happy life!

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