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Constant Cravings????

It’s time to outsmart those cravings….once and for all! How, you are asking??? Follow these tips!

Figure out why you are having these cravings. Is it because you are hungry? Did you wait too long to eat and now you are famished? If so, it’s times like this when people make poor food choices by picking satisfying foods that are high in calories! Or is it emotional eating? Are you sad and choose ice cream to make you feel better? It’s helpful to learn how to deal with the emotions that trigger unhealthy eating. Start paying attention to how you feel when you reach for the wrong foods. Emotional eating only gives you temporary relief from problematic situations or feelings… you need to understand what is causing distress in the first place! Instead of feeling guilty by eating the wrong foods, try these healthier options instead:

1. Deal with your feelings head-on!

2. Get some exercise!

3. Eat the right foods at the right time!


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